Executive Q&A
Despite market distraction and industry disruption top textile execs have a sharp focus on 2017 business plans. Their comments are both informative and revealing.

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, Sheehan Sales has much to celebrate including a new website, new product rolling out, and a loyal customer base.
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Textile Insight is focused on textile and footwear design, innovation and its exciting product applications. Edited for apparel and footwear manufacturers, as well as retailers focused on the design and development of their private label collections.
January / February 2017
Execs Look Ahead with Eyes on New Opportunities for Outdoor Performance.

For Fall ’17, new midsole constructions that borrow from athletics, and knit uppers in a rainbow of colors, headline the latest styles of shoes for outdoor performance.
MArch / APRIL 2017
Reinventing the Business Model
Collaborative work spaces, pod-style automation and newly-forged partnerships are reinventing business models. 

Hands down, trade talk is a hot topic in the industry.
MAY / JUNE 2017
Fast Function
Textile insiders believe “tunability” is a key concept in elevating performance going forward. We explain this contemporary approach and also review wearables.

Made in USA
New workwear brand 1620 heats up the category using best in class textiles and a make local ethos. 
January / February 2016
Perfecting Performance
This season ushers in a flurry of technical advances for products focused on enhancing user experience for active endeavors. Here’s a rundown of introductions.
march / april 2016
Made in USA 
Expansion plans and million dollar investments are in the news as American textile companies gain traction in the global landscape. Suppliers discuss ways the domestic textile industry is investing in its future.
may / june 2016
Detecting Performance 
With an eye on innovation, our report uncovers the next generation of performance materials with special attention to smart and sustainable technologies.
july / august 2016
Future-Cast Report
Identifies mega-trends that are ushering in a new Outdoor. What you need to know about how the industry is evolving is right here.
september / october 2016
Eco Initiatives. 
Functionality, social responsibility, and reincarnation of products are all part of the current sustainability dialogue.
november / December 2016
Trend Setters
This special section, our 5th annual directory, identifies talented, forward-thinking individuals who are influencing the direction of the active/outdoor market with textile development and apparel, footwear, and accessory product design.
JANUARY /February 2015
Authenticity In a Q&A with leading textile brands on the topic of authenticity, execs explore how implementing and promoting truthfulness is good for business.
March / April 2015
10 U.S. Hot Spots For Design 
& Manufacturing. Emerging hubs around the country that are making an impact with thriving design centers and production facilities.
May / June 2015
New Tech: A new age of manufacturing is taking shape with automation, innovation and a high-tech approach to production. This is not 
your granddaddy’s factory work.
July / August 2015
Next Gen Performance:
The industry is entering an exciting phase of innovation with revved up R&D and accelerated development.
September / October 2015
Insight on Sustainability:
Over a dozen industry execs responded to our Eco Quiz, shining the light on how sustainability has become a strategic priority for all aspects of business.
November / December 2015
Trend Setters
This special section identifies talented individuals influencing textiles and market direction in apparel, footwear, gear and industry conferences.