Textile Insight is focused on textile and footwear design, innovation and its exciting product applications. Edited for apparel and footwear manufacturers, as well as retailers focused on the design and development of their private label collections.
JANUARY / February 2014
Winter Weather Report 2014.
The influence of weather on textile and footwear development and product design.
March / April 2014
Outlook 2014. We outline big picture themes of Globalization, Compliance, Lifestyle Tech and Internet along with smaller, yet directional themes.
May / June 2014
Big Ideas.
Taking tech to the next level with investment in R&D.

Women's Specific:
New tech in trends.
JULY / August 2014
Modern Outdoor Moves to 
Urban Technical

More than just a maturing industry, outdoor is experiencing change on many levels.
September / October 2014
Sustainability. The textile community is focused on achieving transparency from fiber to finished product. 
Compliance and new chemistry is helping to attain that lofty goal.
November / December 2014
Trendsetters 2014
An insider’s view of the design process: Who are the innovators and what inspires their ideas.
JANuary / February 2013
These days shoes are setting the pace for exciting development in the outdoor market and the textile community keeps pace with new footwear portfolios and material innovations.
MArch / April 2013
A variety of points of view are emerging to describe performance in today’s marketplace. We reach out to brands, designers, forecasters and marketers to help solve this performance puzzle.
May / June 2013
Industry Outlook
A round-up of fast facts, stats and studies on everything from anitmicrobials to zipper tech

Tech: Advances in color-changing processes capture
the imagination of product developers and consumers.
July / AUGust 2013
Cool Tech: Innovations in 
cooling materials

Footwear: Big strides are being made in material innovation, with energy return technology, super-absorbent polymers and responsive cushioning.
September / october 2013
Targeting Sustainability:
From mid-scale domestic companies to emerging Asian brands, as well as industry powerhouses here and abroad, textile businessess are addressing sustainability in new and more diverse ways.
November / december 2013
Trendsetters 2013
A look at the individuals and brands influencing 
the direction of the industry.

How the FTC's proposed wool product labeling update impacts brands and consumers
JANuary / February 2013
25 Textile Executives speak out about current industry conditions and what they see as challenges in the year ahead

In The Studio 
2012 looks to be the year when menswear gets top billing
MArch / April 2013
What's driving tech today is functionality and ecology. Here we focus on new way textile science is creating products with tough-guy properties, and developing manufacturing methods that are gentle on the environment.
May / June 2013
The performance wear category has evolved into an increasingly crowded and confusing industry, leaving us to ask, "What is the role of ingredient textile brands today?

Carolina Green: Sustainability has taken foot in North Carolina and eco-efforts are helping reinvigorate this
textile region.
July / AUGust 2013
A Performance Evolution:
Conversations with some of the 
pioneers and innovators who have played a role in fabric revolution of the last 30 years give way to reminiscing
about the early days and where the industry goes from here.
September / october 2013
Every executive agrees: The future of textiles depends on making every drop of water count. Here we spotlight a range of solutions from radical reduction processes to incremental changes being considered all along the supply chain.
November / december 2013
In our inaugural survey of industry talent, Textile Insight profiles key designers, developers and material gurus influencing product form and function.

Made in the USA: A report on how our domestic industry is preparing for the projected military budget cuts.
JANuary / FEBruary 2011
Questions that address the “end of life” for products are moving to the forefront in design and sustainability discussions. Here, designers talk about their 
eco-centric approach.
MARch / APRil 2011
As managers tailor supply chains to better fit today's challenging marketplace, the traditional one-size-fits-all manufacturing model is quickly losing fashion, and new, more diversified supply chains are taking shape.
May / June 2013
North Carolina. From Manufacturing to marketing and technical research to human resources, the Tar Heel community has a textile heritage that continues to this day.
July / AUGust 2013
Costs are impacting the rate of product development and execs are considering this outcome: Is it Innovation or Stagnation?

Trends: Thinking local. Driving a domestic comeback in production.
September / october 2013
The industry has gone wild for Merino, but the wool supply chain has only gotten more complicated. This feature offers an up-to-date look at the who, 
what and where of the specialty 
Merino business.
November / december 2013
As designers and brands determine what defines a runner right now, they are pushing design concepts and creating new products that blend technical features with up-to-the-minute trends.